Cheap Cable Internet Providing Complete Access Solutions to Homes

Cheap Cable Internet brings complete solutions to every home connected. Apart from the Internet, access to full telecommunications is enhanced. This form of broadband Internet gives connectivity from the Internet provider to any end user within the coverage area. There is a successful integration of the base system to the infrastructure of the cable television.

It is a close semblance of the low cost, albeit slower, DSL Internet which usually works through the existing telephone lines, commonly referred to as the landlines. Indeed, it is only the telecommunication networks together with the cable TV networks that were originally predominant. Currently there is more that comes from the fiber-optics which is seen to pose serious competition to the old systems.

There is more like the mobile networks through hotspots and the Wireless Internet Options that are commonly known as WiFi access. With the cable Internet networking, there is need for moderns and terminators on the ends, the client end and the operator’s junction. A coaxial cable is the most preferred if not the hybrid fiber coaxial.

There is usually the issue of distance limitation when it comes to the use of cable modem and cable network systems. After, a certain distance, the need for proper termination will be necessary and the use of hubs introduced to ensure that the speed of connectivity is not reduced. What is more concerning the issues of connectivity is the downstream speeds which are usually more for corporate users and less for small scale or even home users. Several cable moderns can be handled with just one downstream channel. However, there would be need for more as the system become huge.

In most connections, there is usually the need to have shared bandwidths. This is true where Satellite Internet, WiMAX and even FTTX connections are involved. There are other technologies where the core network is the only one that can be shared. This is where the operator has to involve statistical multiplexing so as to efficiently provide services to all users without discrimination. The operator has more work to ensure that the usage pattern is well within the provided bandwidth restrictions. More needs to be done to bring improvements.


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  1. I enjoyed your conmemt as I have had the same idea and have saved quite a bit of money avoiding the monthly charges incurred with provider-owned DVR devices. i have been doing this for about a year and a half now and can attest to the device that I use. I have been using the HP Slimline s3120n TV PC which is basically a desktop computer that I have hooked up to a 42 Westinghouse LCD computer monitor (essecntially). I have my cable box hooked up to the device. Windows Media Center is in charge of playing the telvision channels as well as recording the programs that I want to watch later. The only thing is that there are no high definition hookups on the pc device but this has not been a dealbreaker for me as those usually come with a montly up-cahrge from the cable provider as well. -11Was this answer helpful?

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